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The days of king Ahab of Israel should be days of celebration as peace and prosperity had largely returned to the northern kingdom. But it was calamitous as far as Prophet Elijah was concerned. Apostasy was at its heights, exacerbated by the murderous campaigns to exterminate the prophets of God!

There was never a time where God had raised up so many prophets for his beloved nation as in the reign of King Ahab. Kings were anointed by God to unify the nation under his covenant and to shout his fame! They were to be guided by voices of the prophets, assigned to spell out wisdom from the Word of the living God. Therefore, a vital connection between God and his kings through these voices ensured victory, both physically and spiritually.

But alas, it was not to be in Ahab’s kingship. His marriage and subsequent delegation of religious authority to his Baal-worshipping wife, Jezebel, caused a severe dent to the nation. Slowly but surely, she gained the upper hand in running his kingdom, climbing over his head. King Ahab should have learned from Adam, the first husband on earth, how he relinquished his headship to his wife to disastrous consequences. Adam stood in complete silence when Eve did wrong and more than that he participated.

Jezebel’s ultimate plan was to establish Baal’s worship in the whole of Israel. Her relentless campaign included murdering all prophets of Yahweh or anyone that stood in her way. The towering Jezebel sent the prophets of God into hiding and King Ahab into submission. One time, even the fearless Elijah was cowed with her wicked growl.

Eventually and unfortunately, Baal’s name got greater publicity than Yahweh’s in the promise Land. The messages of the prophets of Baal rang louder than the prophets of Yahweh, drowning out the voice of God. It was like gibberish noise of Baal overwhelming the music of God.

Obviously, prophet Elijah was furious. It was not a coincidence that his name struck a right chord for change! Elijah’s name hollered loud and clear, “My God is Yahweh” or “I, whose God is Yahweh”! He was willing to fight the devil alone if he had to.

The urgency to get Ahab to tow the line intensified when the southern neighbour under King Asa had rebuilt much of Judah including its spirituality to the delight of God. Although Asa eventually sinned and became hardened in heart, God raised up his son, Jehoshapat, a great king in their midst.

The lackadaisical attitude of Ahab towards the things of God meant an inevitable confrontation with the prophet who bent on nothing else but restoration of all things Yahweh. Second best was no option. It was either Yahweh or perish.

The first salvo from heaven was famine, a severe drought that had caused panic in the land. Prophets were both voices and instruments of judgment of God. The rainless heaven was just a wake-up call for King Ahab. Arousing his anger at Elijah was in the plan of God. Something major was needed to wake this fellow up from spiritual slumberland. To King Ahab, the prophet was a troubler. He was spot on. Elijah was a troubler to anyone who opposed God! As a prophet, he should be!

The challenge was on, once and for all, at Mount Carmel against Baal and to restore the supremacy of Yahweh. The undisputed Champion of the Universe, Yahweh, must not allow anymore a foreign false idol, Baal to deceive or a foreigner, Jezebel to rule the land.

All Yahweh needed was a man to defeat the many hundreds of prophets of Baal. The extreme noise they shouted of course could not wake up a man-made statue. But a simple sincere prayer from the heart of a prophet tore through heavens and sent down fire from the sky! God’s fire not only consumed the sacrifice, it cleansed the hearts of the people. The spiritual fire that engulfed the people got them to rid of all the prophets of Baal, thus healing of the land as well. Precious rain fell again after three solid years, signifying a restoration of God’s favour.

But there were things yet to be fully settled. Wickedness could never escape God’s judgment especially when it was done to his nation. Disgraceful deaths awaited both King Ahab and Jezebel.

Prophets like Elijah would continue to be assigned by God, a crucial ministry for a crucial time.

What would prophet Elijah say to us if he were still alive today?

1. Do not marry a non-Christian as the unbelieving spouse may cause you to turn to a different direction, thus not fulfilling God’s best for you.

2. Husbands, take charge of your home as head of the family especially in spiritual direction.

3. Watch out for ungodly messages that may have overwhelmed you today.

4. Do not go for anything that could cause you to turn away from God no matter how many of your friends believe in it.

5. Understand that the gospel that we preach may trouble people. If it doesn’t trouble them and turn them toward God, we could have watered it down.

If any of the readers could add some more of what prophet Elijah would have said, you are most welcome!

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  1. Greetings in the Mighty name of Jesus! I wish to thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is wonderful and filled with the Spirit of God. God bless and have a wonderfully blessed day in the Lord. Much love to you my new friend!

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  3. I think Elijah would direct us to understand that we worship what we spend the most time looking upon, and to consider well that God sees our worship.

  4. I totally agreed with you, Anne! God sees our worship and let Him be pleased with us all!