Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am a history lover and this book comes in handy for me. The author has done a great job, writing devotional with a twist, making it into a historical journey that is. Some stories made me mad, some made me cry. Most of all, the reading inspired me very much. I must salute Robert J. Morgan for being able to speak so much with just a few short paragraphs of each personality.

This book has indeed increased my appetite to know more about those saints of old. Someone said, “Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it” but I would say of this book, “Those who learn history from this book will be excited about the future with God.”

If you are looking for systematic history in this book, you will be disappointed. I believe the author just wants the readers to grasp a sense of God’s working in history everyday. He ends every story with a relevant verse or verses to tell the world that God’s Word still works today!

I give four stars to this book.

I want to thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for giving me this book free for the purpose of this review.