Friday, January 11, 2013


This Book is a moving, practical, fictional story written by a pastor at heart. Although the story pans out quite perfectly in the book, (real life may not be so smooth) the focus is there. Are the churches today willing to pull every resource and manpower together to cultivate deep people for greater influence in the world? Gordon MacDonald has provoked thoughts from both young and old. The elders and the leaders must continue to learn and then be available to cultivate deep people of the church, especially the younger generation. They are to be patient with them. The younger generation must be willing to be cultivated. Anyway, it takes two hands to clap. The author makes it clear that not everyone would love to be cultivated or willing to go deep in God.  Some obviously are not ready.

While I love all the practical lessons learnt, somehow, I still think this book is written for those whose age in ministry has caught up on them. These elders must now pass on the mantle. Nevertheless, the book has brought out a sharper focus on discipleship, albeit through some new captivating words. A good read. I give this book a four star.

Thank you,  BookSneeze,  for this free E-Book, for the purpose of this review.