Monday, June 24, 2013


This is the most comprehensive book on idolatry that I have ever read. Often times, Christians today are underestimating the powers of all kinds of idolatry seeking their focus and eventually sucked their faith dry. These so called ‘gods” would entice and lure all whose hearts are unprepared for war against them. The author identified the various ‘gods” but also warned of their powers. He showed the reality of all these by giving real life stories and how these “gods” had damaged them spiritually and mentally.

Although the book suggests a serious battle for our spiritual lives, it offers hope for all. The Almighty God is on our side! God is actively and jealously pursuing men and women to be who He wants them to be! There are stories of victory! It is possible to stay focus on the true and living God. The “gods’ of idolatry can be defeated! 

This book is both inspirational and practical and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I highly recommended to all who desire to go all the way for Jesus!

I give the book five stars. I would also thank Book Sneeze for their generosity in giving me this free ebook for the purpose of this review.