Thursday, September 17, 2009


Question: Pardon us for asking you this question, after you betrayed Jesus three times, what went through your mind?

PETER: I felt like the whole world came crashing down on me. I was a total wreck! Completely devastated!

Question: I know this is hard for you, why did you betray Jesus, your master and God who loved you so much?

PETER: I need to be honest with you. I was scared to bits when I saw Jesus being so easily taken over by men. At that moment, I so much wanted him to show forth his power and turn things around. All the confusion and commotion at that time had caused me to act stupidly. All I can say was that I sinned against God. It’s terrible!

Question: Jesus had foretold about your betrayal. When he first spoke those chilling words to you, did you believe him?

PETER: Not at all. I was so full of myself and I thought I could do anything for Jesus. Before Jesus was arrested, I believe he came to destroy the domination of the Romans and restore Israel with his godly might and power. How wrong I was! I was completely ignorant of what he really came to do.

Question: Tell us what Jesus really came to do.

PETER: Instead of destroying the domination of the Romans and restoring Israel, he came to destroy the domination of sins of mankind and restore them back to God. Jesus’ death on the cross has far-reaching effects than my puny mind could comprehend for some time. God is interested in the whole world and not just Israel.

Question: Was it the time when you saw a vision of unclean animals where God asked you to eat that changed your narrow perspective?

PETER: That was the vision that started it all. But when the gentile Cornelius received the Holy Spirit, together with his family and friends, I was utterly convinced.

Question: Why did you hold on so much to Israel before that?

PETER: I love my people very much. I always taught to remember God’s promise to my forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Israel. And that the Messiah from the House of David will rule the earth from Jerusalem, where the Davidic kingdom was promised to reign forever. I did not understand then that the Messiah needed to go to the cross first! Even in Isaiah’s time, the prophet prophesied about the Suffering Servant!

Question: Will the Messiah rule the earth from Jerusalem some day?

PETER: Absolutely! When Jesus, the Messiah comes again, he will rule the earth from Jerusalem. His kingdom will know no end. Jesus Christ will be the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords!

Question: Back to your fall and then your subsequent restoration. Right after Jesus was crucified and died on the cross, what were you thinking?

PETER: I was actually so depressed that I sort of thinking maybe everything that happened to me was a nightmare. I went back fishing like I always used to. But at the back of my mind, I could never erase off the memories being with Jesus, the greatest Man who had ever walked on this earth.

Question: How did you take it when you saw the Lord again?

PETER: I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even lift my eyes to see Jesus. I had this thought that Jesus would be very angry with me and he didn’t need me anymore. It was definitely the broken pieces of my heart that distorted my view of Jesus.

Question: When was the turning point?

PETER: When Jesus prepared breakfast for us, he lighted up the tense atmosphere surrounding us. Then after breakfast, it happened. Jesus spoke directly to me for the first time after his resurrection. He asked me three same, simple questions and in each time, the question became more intense. Why three times? I then figured out it was also three times I betrayed him, and each time it was with increasing intensity.

Question: Right after that fantastic restoration, how did you feel?

PETER: Totally free! I was overjoyed that Jesus still gave me another chance to serve him even though I fumbled big time. I leave with you these words, “Humble yourselves under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Question: You don’t mind dying for Jesus now?

PETER: By God’s grace, bring it on!


  1. Now that's talent!

    Very well said... very well created.

    Peter is one great person we can look at and learn from. he too has his failures but never did he allow this to stop him from fulfilling God's ultimate plan for him: to be the door opener to the Jews for the gospel to come in!

  2. Thank you Mikes, for visiting. Yes, the story of Peter's fall and restoration never fails to teach me about my own weaknesses and more importantly about the abundant grace of God!
    Tks for your positive comment.