Monday, September 14, 2009


(The Woman: Taken from Luke 7:36-50)

Question: How did you take the courage to go to the Pharisee’s house just like that?

WOMAN: Two reasons. Jesus was there and I was desperate.

Question: What was your desperation during that time?

WOMAN: I had lived a very sinful life and I considered myself a walking dead. Alive on the outside but dead completely on the inside. (Hitting softly on her chest and wiping away tears)

Question: The Pharisees are angry with women like you and sometimes they are quite hostile to them. Did you envision that you would be harassed by them during that time?

WOMAN: I don’t care anymore. Remember I was dead. I was already numbed at all the verbal and physical abuses by men and women alike. But I went with one thing on my mind. I wanted a complete overhaul to my life.

Question: Did you think during that time, Jesus could really change everything for you? Remember you were in deep waters.

WOMAN: I really don’t know. But I could sense Jesus’ love from afar every time I watched Him performing miracles. In my head, there was always this thought, “I need a miracle too!” But the struggle was that I don’t deserve to be with the Son of God. But somehow that day, when He was eating and drinking with those Pharisees and I was thinking, if Jesus could be with them, why not me.

Question: Were the Pharisees surprise at your barging into the house?

WOMAN: Quite a commotion. Yes. All of them except Jesus! It was like Jesus knew I was coming.

Question: When you did all those things for Jesus, cleaning his feet by your tears, wiping them with your hair. You then kissed his feet and most surprisingly, pouring an expensive and sentimental perfume on those feet. Most people would do something like that on loved ones’ head instead of their feet. What were you thinking?

WOMAN: I don’t even deserve to have Jesus looked at me. Therefore, I bowed at his feet and doing my very best for him, praying that he would have compassion on me. Although the perfume in the alabaster jar was the only important property I had, I rather used it on Jesus than anyone else. I believed Jesus is God in the flesh!

Question: What was the turning point for you in this dramatic encounter?

WOMAN: (Wiping away tears) Jesus noticed even me. Not only that, he was so full of love for me. He accepted my small gestures with so much gratitude. Jesus even chided the Pharisee for his rebuke on me. But most of all, He forgave all my sins. And when I heard that, there was this inexplicable peace surging into my soul. I never felt so refreshed and renewed as if I was being born again.

Question: Last question. What’s next?

WOMAN: First of all, I want to turn away from all sins in my life. Then I want to follow Jesus wherever He goes and do what He tells me to do. Whew, I never felt so free in my life! Thank you, Jesus!

(The Leper - Taken from Matthew 8:1-4)

Question: How long have you had this devastating disease?

LEPER: I think it had been more than 20 long years.

Question: How did you cope for being an outcast and shunned by society for so long?

LEPER: It was terribly frustrating. I had contemplated suicide many times before. The most difficult part was my family kicking me out of the house.

Question: What was your reaction when you heard that Jesus was actually God and He had healed many sicknesses?

LEPER: At first I did not know what to do. I was so embarrassed to face anybody after being abandoned for so long. Then suddenly I thought of just giving it a try since I had nothing to lose. If Jesus was willing, then I would be healed, if not, so be it.

Question: Did you believe Jesus would heal you before you went to Him?

LEPER: I really don’t know. I just heard of His miracles and to me, He was my only hope.

Question: How did you feel when Jesus touched you? I mean, this was your first contact with someone after 20 years.

LEPER: I felt great! Now I know God loves me so much. He loves me and notices my need even though nobody cares for me.

Question: What is your advice to those who feel abandoned and live in hopelessness?

LEPER: Turn to Jesus! There is hope in Jesus. God loves us all without favouritism! And most of all, He has the power to heal!

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