Wednesday, September 2, 2009


“Son, I am dying. It’s your turn now to rule this great nation,” King David spoke in between pauses.

He could never forget the story of his predecessor, King Saul, and how he denied God’s rule and covenant. Solomon, his beloved son and successor, must now carry the torch to shine God’s name throughout the earth. The young Solomon listened intently as his famous father spoke. The lad knew the circumstances surrounding dad’s adulterous relationship with mom. King David had openly and often with tears, shared vividly the consequences that befell him. Occasionally, he would burst into deep anguish while warning his loved ones not to sin against God. In his last days of life, many close to him had witnessed his old godly, cheerful self again. They would smile when they saw him humming and lifting his hands to praise God. Solomon himself was set free by David’s rejuvenating spiritual life knowing God had not only forgiven his dad but had relieved his pain.

“Follow the Laws of Moses and you will prosper,” David continued, a sudden burst of excitement came searing through his frail body. That Goliath-slaying “boy” might have lost his strength but never his enthusiasm. Not one time had he seen God forsaking him even when he was on the wild goose chase with King Saul. Samuel, the prophet priest and king makers, constantly assured him that God was grooming him to become a great king.

But when he was winning wars and terrifying opponents, pride entered his heart like a deadly weapon. That fateful day, when he was called to lead a fight, he delegated. It was abnormal for him to stand idle, wanting rest from duty. Some said it might be due to mid-life crisis but no one knew how it turned his life around. A lapse of concentration snowballed into endless suffering and constant heartbreaks. Sin could promise David’s immense pleasure for a short time but would never able to deliver him out of his consequences. One night in bed with Bathsheba, albeit forcefully, had turned into endless nights of nightmare. Even before prophet Nathan revealed his big secret, David was in constant pain. Consequences flowed like streams of water as God used them to clean and wash. The period of rebellion must end. God’s covenant must be revived. A great king come great responsibilities.

“If your descendants walk faithfully before God, you will never fail to have a man on the throne of Israel,” David continued. He spoke slowly but clearly. It was always that inspiring story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the promise of God that was carried unbroken, that helped him stayed focus. As a good father, he would never want his son to sway away from God and His Word. He wanted Solomon to continue to shout God’s fame! Tears rolled down his sunken cheeks as he was reminded of the rebellion of Absalom, another beloved son of his. It was much more easy to have a spear pierced his heart than Absalom betraying him.

“Lord, this one will be better than me!” David prayed, crying as he hugged Solomon. He prayed that his son would eventually fulfil God’s promise given to Abraham in regards to the land of Israel.

King David knew very well of the promise of God, given first to his fore father, Abraham. That kings would eventually be a reality in the land of promise. Kingship was always in the mind of God although His people wanted kings like other ungodly nations had theirs. In fact, kings were God’s leaders to ensure keeping of His sacred covenant. The first king of Israel failed miserably. Although king David was not a perfect king of Israel, it was his intense focus on God’s covenant and Laws that made him an exemplary king for all generations. David was the apple in God’s eye. His reign set the benchmark. Solomon understood his dad’s undying devotion for God and he knew of the grave consequences of any deviation. (Ironically, it was king Solomon whose sins had broken the nation of Israel into two factions)

God promised that Davidic kingdom would reign forever. The stage is set. God’s redemptive purpose would culminate in the eventual rule of King Jesus!


  1. Ironically, Solomon married every woman in sight so that his relationships would never qualify as adulterous -- and in doing so became a spiritual adulterer.

    In our extreme attempts to avoid one sin, we may fall into another extreme. The answer is to stay close to Jesus and follow His lead.

  2. Amen sister! Jesus is our Ultimate Exemplary KING!