Thursday, September 10, 2009



Question: What was your initial feeling when you first heard of the news that you would be pregnant even though you were not married yet?

MARY: The first feeling that came was fear. I was really troubled. Would anyone not be troubled?

Question: You mean the angel’s presence did not calm you?

MARY: Initially it was the angel that startled me and later, it was the message more than the messenger.

Question: When did you start to calm down?

MARY: The first thought was “O My God, I am a virgin, what will people say?!” I confessed it was a little bit selfish then. The angel spoke many words but when he mentioned about the continuing reign of King David and that his kingdom will never end, I remembered the prophecy concerning that. I was still afraid but when I thought I was chosen to be a servant for that, I started to calm down.

Question: Do you believe during that time that God can make you pregnant without the help of your future husband?

MARY: I was sceptical at first but when the angel spoke about the Holy Spirit’s power, I began to think everything is possible with God. Then there was the Elizabeth Factor. The angel told me she was pregnant even though she was very old. I think you should know of Abraham and Sarah’s story, right?

Question: Many people now believe that Jesus is God in the flesh. Do you really know that when you got the message then?

MARY: Not fully. I knew He would be a King and that He would rule forever. I know now I was carrying someone HUGE, if you know what I mean.

Question: How do you feel to be chosen as the servant for this huge task?

MARY: (wiping away tears) When everything started to settle down, there was this unbelievable joy that filled my entire being. This mission that I am carrying is obviously bigger than my life and deep within, I believe it is even bigger than Israel! I also want to thank God for a great husband who supported me all the way.

Question: Last question. What will be your next step?

MARY: To keep the baby healthy and safe, more importantly, to release Jesus, the Son of God, to do what He came to do.


  1. Thanks for your contemporary spin on an ageless story.

  2. Tks for visiting. To end my Bible Actors' series, instead of writing about Jesus, the ultimate plan of God throughout the Bible, I thought of the Interviews of others who were close to Jesus. I paraphrase some things but all doctrinal and theological of the Bible must remain unchanged.

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