Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Moses with rod in hand, walked carefully on the slippery path, on the bed of the Red Sea. He could hear the echoes of the 'ooohs' and the 'aahhs' of a great multitude of his people, treading along walls of blocked waters, on the empty ground once filled with the mighty ocean water! “Come on, people, the Egyptians are coming!” the man of God would shout. The people’s unbelieving eyes slowed them down to marvel at the miracle of their God Almighty!

Past and future thoughts crammed Moses’ mind.

Past being the first baby step he took to side an Israelite while killing an Egyptian. He grew up in the luxury of Egypt and its system, being the adopted son of Pharoah’s daughter. Often he would go up to a high tower and look at the slaves, his own people suffering injustices at the hands of their masters. His heart would weep for them as he stood powerless to do anything. “I pray one day that they could live like me, free as a bird!” Moses cried.

After that day when he killed the Egyptian, he was torn between the luxury and helping his people. Of course, status quo would be the best but rocking the boat also seemed like exciting good alternative. But his heart for his own couldn't let him choose the former. And rocking he sure did when someone saw what he had done! He ran for his life. Surely he did not think that it could play out this way at all.

From a complete luxurious lifestyle to become a backward shepherd was what God had planned for him. Strangely, he felt no remorse for killing the Egyptian and saved one of his own. His heart ached for the suffering Israelites. Anger and resentment for Pharoah’s idea of enslavement would consume his heart as he heard stories of how Joseph, the heroic son of Israel, saved the Egyptians from famine. “Someone must teach this new Pharoah a lesson in history!” Moses often thought to himself.

As Moses pondered for many years how the Israelites were faring in Egypt, God appeared to him. The burning bush moment was a moment of frightening proportion. Not in a million years he could have thought he was the one that God called to deliver Israel out of Egypt. He knew too well the power that was. It needed nothing short of powerful miracles to get them out of the hell hole.

While Moses and the multitude were rushing out of the dry bed of the Red Sea, he had a mountain of faith in God. He remembered his infant faith when he tried all sorts of excuses to thwart the calling of God. Now he knew that he was just God’s delivery man. And the rest, it was God’s business. After ten mighty plagues and the parting of the Red Sea, he couldn't think of anything else God cannot do.

As he looked towards the end of the tunnel onto the other side of the shore, the future began to dawn on Moses. Finally, the possibility of a new nation was so real! God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac and to Israel was inching nearer and nearer. With God, nothing is never ever impossible. He promised it. And that settled it.

And when the last man stepped onto the bank on the other side, they could feel the wind gushing from their side towards the path where they had just walked. A white figure looked like an angel 'whooshed' past them and stood behind. And the familiar clouds that had followed in front of them joined the celestial being. The clouds separated light from darkness. On one hand, darkness covered the pursuing armies of Pharoah and on the other, light shone on the Israelites. The multitude, still gasping for breath, their strength drew thin, stood in silence on the other side, waiting for one more big miracle of God.

At the instruction of God, Moses, the delivery Man, raised his hand and waters roared back with a vengeance. The Israelites cheered and clapped while Pharoah’s armies clamoured to escape. No one was spared from the overpowering seas of destruction. At last, the slaves were free and their task masters, trapped. God had advanced yet another step towards His promise of a blessed nation.

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