Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The Bible is preserved by God for thousands of years, survived every heresy, challenge, mass burning and etc etc! It is ironic that some people in certain countries may get imprisoned or even killed if they be found reading the Bible while millions have two or three Bibles on the dust-filled shelf! Many read the Bible and fall asleep (some even read to sleep) while some just open their Bibles on Sunday at church. In some western countries, Bible reading becomes irrelevant to young people and people attending churches are dwindling in alarming numbers.

I believe it is time to rekindle the fire in reading God's Word albiet making it plain and simple (thus the Blog Title, PS, above). The more I read the Bible, the more I am fascinated by it! Its treasures and precious jewels are constantly exploding out to serious readers. As I have been serving God for many years as a pastor, I discover that people still are fascinated with the Bible if it touches them in a plain and simple manner! All it takes is its relevancy. Today, the world is just crazy about popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, jamming people the world over with short-reading flavour! If our Bible messages are long and jargonized, it will continue to drive people away from the Word of God! Truth be told, the Holy Bible is the only ancient Scripture that speaks of God rescuing mankind from damnation! And its importance is of gargantuan proportion, in terms of heaven or hell!

I love simplicity and my Bible world is filled with simple yet profound wisdom from God's Word! Every chapter and every paragraph of the Bible is like fresh bread, delivered out from the oven of heaven!

This blog will contain Bible messages with stories and some 'godly' spins from my own God-given understanding. However, I would not in any way change or alter any doctrines of this great Book! I will also try to answer difficult questions from the Bible if any reader wants to ask them.

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