Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Isaac, advanced in age and blind, sat on his bed, but fully awoke. He guessed it is time for him to bless his first-born son, Esau, before he'd become completely senile.

Rebekah, his lovely wife, stood outside his room, knowing his time was near. She remembered how their love and marriage were heaven-matched and tears dropped down her once smooth cheek. Although the marriage was far from perfect, she always referred him as the gentleman. He was a godly, down to earth and peace-loving man. He never complained about anything, always trusting the God of his father Abraham. When the Lord revealed to him that he would carry the dream of his father in his life time, he fully obeyed. Many times, he was willing to let go of his worldly possession, thus avoided quarrelling with others. Quick to make peace with many people. More tears flowed as Rebekah reminded of his husband’s great deeds.

Esau, my son, prepare my favourite food and I will give you my blessing before I die, Isaac called as he heard Esau, his first-born son approaching.
Rebekah was stunned. When the twin, Esau and Jacob were born to the couple, there was a small tussle in the family just like it was even in Rebekah’s womb. Isaac loved Esau because he was the first-born, a natural carrier of his father’s dream. When Esau married outside of their clan, to a Hittite woman, Rebekah was hurt. She preferred Jacob, the younger son, to be the blessed one. Although Isaac was grieved in Esau’s marriage, he chose him because Isaac was always the gentleman.

No way, my love! Not this time!? Rebekah whispered to herself as she hid, listening to the conversation. I must stop Esau from wasting away the blessing, she looked up to heaven. Rebekah knew about how Esau even sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup, detesting the importance of God’s dream to Abraham and his own father, Isaac. She decided to make a pact with Jacob to cheat Isaac from blessing Esau. Jacob, at the insistence of his mother, pretended to be Esau and approached his father. Taking advantage of Isaac’s blindness, they succeeded in tricking him. So, Isaac blessed Jacob, thinking that it was Esau, thus the blessing flowed towards the younger son.

The God-given dream of Abraham and of Isaac, now was Jacob to carry. Happy and scared at the same time, Jacob went out, and he encountered Esau on the way in. When Esau asked for the blessing, his father was stunned. Although Isaac was blind, he could see that what was spoken by him would remain. He must remain a gentleman. More importantly, he knew nothing could stop God from carrying out His plan. It was anyway His dream in the first place. So, Esau got nothing from being the first-born although he cried bitterly. The first small tussle between Esau and Jacob in the womb of Rebekah became an all-out war.

Man can lie and cheat to get the blessing, but God always has the final say. And that’s what Isaac, the gentleman knew all along.

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