Thursday, July 16, 2009


The first "actor" of the Bible is ...A.D.A.M! He was the first man, handsome like no other! Many eyes surrounding him widened with awe, but they were speechless. Anyway, they could not talk if they wanted to because they were animals! God, the Creator, was extremely pleased with His masterpiece although it was effortless to Him. "Adam, I love you more than all the entire world I have created," God often said to him.

Adam led out a loud shout of praise without fear of disturbing anyone, while he sat on a tree, gulping down a sweet juicy fruit. As the soft cool wind blew, the leaves of the trees "clapped their hands in delight". "I feel good!" he would sing over and over again.

Some time passed, maybe about a thousand years, (maybe more or maybe not), Adam felt humanly lonely. The lions and the cows looked sad too. "Can we help?" they must be thinking but couldn’t utter a single word. All they could do was 'smile' at him. Adam would pat them and managed a smile in return. God looked down and said, "It’s time!"

When Adam awoke the next day, there stood the most stunning "another" (he couldn’t make up what "it" was) staring at him. "Hi! How’s things around here?" That "thing" spoke in the most beautiful of voices and very different from the moos, the roars, the meows and the woofs. And then God whispered, "Hey, it’s your kind and it’s a she. Go, prepare to be hitched."

"Yes! Oh Yes! Y.E.S.!" Adam screamed and danced like a mad man, kissing every animal which could not escape his moment of madness. "Wooo man! It’s so womanderful!" He showed her the whole garden for about twenty years or so. All those years, they talked and talked, all kinds of topics ranging from trees to animals and animals to trees. Of course, they never stopped worshipping God, their Creator. And after dating for a couple hundred of years, they fell deeper and deeper in love! And God looked down and said, "It’s time! Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and dominate it."

That’s the story of our first “actor” before that bad, bad move....

God told them, "Eat from any tree, I repeat, any tree in the garden but not that one, because it is bad for you. If you disobeyed me, you shall surely die." One day, Adam’s wife was hungry and she chanced upon that tree which God said not to eat. The fruits were looking astonishingly fresh and juicy. Her eyes were stuck to one particular awesome looking fruit. As she was mesmerised to try that fruit, a voice from that tree spoke, "Try me. I am different. You will gain special insight into your very life." Then she realised it was the snake who spoke, thinking that God had also created animals with speech. The devil had found the perfect opportunity.

The slimy creature shouldn’t be dangling on that forbidden tree for crying out loud. It was so tempting that she soon forgot the very command of God and the consequences of her disobedience. She took that forbidden fruit. It was such an awesome feeling! "My husband must try it!" Adam saw her running from far away, all excited to tell and share. Faces showed a thousand stories and he was convinced too of the power of the fruit.

Our man took a bite and it shook the entire garden. The heavens vibrated in disapproval. The consequences of that very act of disobedience were heavier than two of them could ever know.

From then on, Adam always had to look regretfully from outside the garden. The pure relationship between God and man was broken. The intimacy between husband and wife disintegrated. The future of Adam’s children and his children’s children were wrecked. All for just one bite! Oh! The bite of death!

This story was inspired from the book of Genesis 1-3. The far reaching consequences of humans’ disobedience continue, even snowballed, all over the world. From a beautiful story of creation and from such magnificent garden, it has become so heart wrenching for the Creator. Even then, God’s great love for Adam and the whole world didn't stop. He had a plan to save the world.

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