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Our second Bible "actor"...Noah! 

God’s eyes “googled” all over the world for the best amongst the sinful humans to carry on His dreams. The appalling fallen state of mankind since Adam’s death bite had made God angry. Some said time could heal but time deteriorated the minds and hearts of those unrepentant souls created in God’s image. The worst of time during those days was an understatement. No one even looked up to the heavens and asked, Is there a God?? Not a single one!! Was there anyone?? Alright, there was one, at least. The spotlight fell on Noah and his family. One man can make the difference. One righteous man.

"Noah! Noah!"
"Yes! Yes!?" 
"I will wipe out all inhabitants from the earth!"

"Huh? Okaay!"
"Make me a big ark."
"Huh?...Ark? A Big one. Okaay!"
"When the time comes, bring you, your family and two of all living creatures, male and female into the ark."
"Me, Check! Wife, Check! Sons, Daughters in laws, Check! Animals?? to go check! Any others?"
"No.You guys are the only humans."
"I will send rain to wipe them out."
"Rain? Hmmm Okaay! But must rain a lot?"

"Forty days and forty nights."
"Woaaa..That’s a lot."
"That’s right. They deserve a lot."

Noah obeyed God to the very dot. The family got right on with the building of the boat to float while everyone stood their ground on earth. They carried on with their wicked schemes and violent ways. Initially, people would gather around to listen to Noah and his oft repeated story of the sin of Adam and the need to repent. After a hundred years, they began to jeer and taunt. Noah felt exactly how God felt. They deserved a lot! A lot of rain.

Rain it came! Every house built deep into the earth began to wilt. Every success story on earth washed away. Gold and silver swept away like wood and hay. The wicked and violent human race came to a halt, all inhabitants had one question in mind, I should have entered the boat! Death is no respecter of person, rich and poor, kings and farmers, lions and ants. Wickedness had always resulted in deadly consequences. The example of Adam was long forgotten by these people. Obeying God was a last thing on their mind. Noah and family were considered people from another planet.

As the water receded and the ark came to a stand still, Noah came out and he stretched. Hello! Anybody out there??? He shouted, just in case. He heard someone shouted back on the other side. Those exact same words. Straightaway he knew they were the only ones on the face of the earth. He felt like Adam. The whole new world! To themselves! And God, of course. They all bowed and worshipped!

After many years, Noah and his family continued to worship and serve God faithfully, offering animal sacrifices for their sins.


"Noah, Noah."
"Yes! Yes!" 
"I love you. Take care of the earth for me."
"The whole earth? Okaay!"
"Be fruitful and multiply."
"Huh? Lord, no guarantee the next generation behave!"
"I will never destroy the earth like this again."
"Thanks. Which means no more ark."
"But I will make each one accountable for their own sins."
"You are a just God!"
"One more thing. I make a covenant with you right now."
"Covenant? Okaay!"

"I will never destroy the earth again through flood."
"Lord, I trust You."

"Anyway, I still want to show you a sign, lest your descendants forget."
"Wow! But I will worship You regardless of signs or not."
"Yes. I know you. Now, look up!"

A marvellous rainbow appeared right above Noah’s head. The whole family quickly lied down on the field to watch the spectacular sight. That was the most joyous occasion since Noah was born.
Today, all the heartaches we went through serving God, it’s all worth it! Noah exclaimed. As he laid there close with his wife, he whispered to her, God said, be fruitful and multiply!

The story above is taken from Genesis 5-9.

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