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Our next "actor" is Abram or more famously known as Abraham.
Abram whistled as he sat on the rocking chair at his farm’s rest house after a hard day’s work. Sarai came with a teapot with their favorite tea and they sat down, enjoying the sunset. Abram always wanted to see beyond what’s behind those hills and mountains. Maybe one day, destiny will call. He thought to himself. As they cuddled close in each other’s arms, Terah walked by. "Hi! Dad!" Abram and Sarai spoke, almost simultaneously. It was Terah, the well-respected man, who initiated the journey from Ur to Canaan for business.

"How was your day?" The dark, burly man queried. "Same old, same old, Dad," the bored Abram replied .
"Why not invoke our various gods for some excitement and see what you hear," Terah suggested, as he raised his hands to heavens. He closed his eyes and worshipped.

Many years later...

"Abram! Abram!" The only true and living God said. 

"Yes! Yes!? Abram replied.
"It’s time to leave Haran."

"Awesome! Where?"
"To the land I will show you later."

"Land? Okaay."
"I will make you into a great nation and then, the whole earth will be blessed."

"The whole world? Okaay."
"Starting with you."
"Me? One man?"
"Yes. One man. One faith man."

Abram, Sarai and nephew Lot set out to the Land, wherever that is. Following popular routes and livable places, they went from one place to another. As they travelled, Abram and Sarai’s vision of God became clearer and clearer. They began to be totally committed to the cause of God. They knew this was a journey of no return. A journey filled with a great vision for the entire world.

Abram and Sarai encountered many adventurous moments, some bad ones, some dangerous ones. As Lot, his nephew chose gold rather than God, they parted way. When Abram was 99 years old, many events had come and gone....

"Abram! Abram!" God said.
"Yes! Yes!?" Abram replied.
I am God Almighty.
Yes. And I worship You alone.

I will establish a covenant with you.
Your name will now be called Abraham, the father of many nations.
Nice name. Thanks!
Sarai will be Sarah, mother of nations.
Sarah. Okaay. Mother er.. She is ninety years old.

She will bear you a child.
Child? I am almost 100 years old. Maybe Ishmael, ok?

No. Sarah will bear you a son. You shall name him Isaac.
You're the BOSS!

Don’t worry. Your son, Ishmael, I will bless him too.
Awesome! Thanks.
I will establish my covenant with you, to be carried on by Isaac.

Okaay, Issac. When Isaac?
Next Year.

When Sarah overheard a conversation of she bearing a child next year and she laughed. Isaac? (Isaac means laughter) Oh, what a joke! The heavenly visitors that came to see Abraham kept their cool and said, "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Sarah was convinced that it could all be possible, noticing the seriousness of the faces of the visitors and her husband, Abraham.

Isaac (Laughter) did fill Abraham’s household as promised. From then on, they would not laugh at any of God’s promises ever again. Instead, they would laugh at circumstances and testings in their lives. At one point, even the test concerning sacrificing Isaac at the altar was carried out by Abraham without question. He believed God to the max. Even if he did kill Isaac in obedience, Abraham believed God would raise him back to life!

"Sarah, I’m so very glad that I obeyed God in Haran," Abraham whispered as they cuddled each other at the farm’s rest house over tea. "Praise God that He chose us to carry His vision for the whole world", Sarah answered with wisdom. Abraham said, "Let’s toast that Isaac will carry on the torch." Abraham held up his cup. Sarah laughed and there they toasted. Together they shouted, "From Abraham and Sarah to Isaac and blessings throughout the whole world. Cheers!"

The story is taken from Genesis 12-22.

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