Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Socoh, Judah:  A nine feet tall man named Goliath from Philistine today threatened the Israelites, considered to be the people of God. He challenged anyone who could fight him to step out in the middle while the soldiers from both sides gathered in line, ready to do battle with one another. Then the Israelites, upon seeing the “giant” trembled in fear. They looked at each other in utter dismay because they saw no one stronger than Goliath. Even their King Saul was sad at the repeated taunting by this strong man.

Goliath hounded them again and again. The Israelites on the other hand shivered with great fear even though they have great experience in battles.
Meanwhile, David, a shepherd boy who is very close with God, overheard the proud chant of Goliath, asked the king that he be sent to fight him. King Saul was very surprised that this boy could be so daring, David then told him how he killed a lion and a bear before with bare hands because God was with him. He assured the king that God will also help him kill this giant. King Saul hesitantly agreed to let him go on the condition that he must put on the king’s armour. David put it on but it was too huge for him and caused him to walk with great difficulties. He took them off immediately and asked the king to grant him that he used his own weapons instead. The shepherd boy only took a pouch filled with five stones and a sling shot.

So off he went to fight the Goliath, the “giant”.

When he confronted Goliath with only small stuffs, the “giant” laughed at him. He jeered the whole Israelites’ army for sending a boy to fight him. David, a boy full of faith in his God, did not fear him at all. Everybody in the Israelites’ camp did not give a ghost of a chance to him to win this confrontation.

But then it happened!

When Goliath was about to draw his sword, David aimed his sling with a small rock he took from his pouch. He released the rock with a powerful slingshot. It hit the giant right on the forehead before he could charge towards David. Then the “giant” fell like a timber. He was killed by just one slingshot. The whole Israelites’ camp rejoiced greatly at the triumph of David.

It is a day that David will never forget that God wrought this victorious feat through him. While others look at their own puny strength, David looks to God who is the most powerful One of them all. – PS BIBLE News


This story is taken from 1 Samuel chapter 17 in the Bible. David was not like the rest of them who looked at their human strength to achieve things. When the Israelites found no one who was taller and stronger than Goliath, they became very afraid and ran. David was different. He relied upon God even though the king offered him his armour, another man-made weapon, he rejected it. Instead, David called upon the Name of the Lord and used what he had to gain the victory over the enemy. Although he was not big size in the sight of man, he was strong on the inside because he trusted in God. Are you only strong outwardly? Do you have God inside of you like David?

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