Thursday, August 6, 2015


Unidentified place:  A rich man went for a journey, promised he will return after a long time. He owned a good fertile land and he rented it to some farmers. He was a kind-hearted man who wanted to see that these farmers that he loved got some benefits out of this land.

When the time came for the harvest, he told his servant to go and get some fruits that the farmers had planted so as to show their appreciation for him. They refused to give him the fruits. Instead, his servant was beaten up and was told to go back. The land owner was very surprised with the farmers for what they did. Since he loved them so very much, he decided to try again with another servant.

The servant went. The farmers gathered up again and beat him up as well. They mocked him and laughed at him. They ridiculed him and threw insults at him.

The servant managed to get back to his master and related everything to him. The owner was grieved and deeply saddened with what had happened. “Is that what they paid me for my kindness and love towards them?” he cried in utter despair.

He didn’t give up loving them but sent another servant just to collect some of the fruits in his own land.

The same thing happened. The servant was wounded severely by them. His master heard about it and started to become indignant, seeing all the injustices that were done. He began to reason within himself that if he sent his one and only son to them, perhaps they would respect him. His son was not afraid at all to go and collect the fruits. He was obedient to his father.

Still at a long distance away, the farmers saw him coming. They then discussed among themselves what to do with the owner’s one and only son. They came out with a wicked idea. Since he was the heir of the land and if they could kill him, the land would be theirs. They thought this would be the chance that they could forcefully wrest control of the land and be very rich.

This time they did the worse thing. Not only did they beat the son up, they murdered him. The farmers were very glad for they thought they would possess the land. They celebrated and went on taking in the good harvest that the land had produced.

While they were in the fields, gathering in the fruits, there appeared few strong men. They saw them looking like warriors, waiting to fight their enemies. They ran as fast as they could and began to gather together in a village. The farmers were asking each other about the huge men. At a distance away they saw the terrifying men coming towards their direction. At the front of the men, they then saw someone familiar, directing the men. The land owner. He was angry and sad at the same at these bunch of unrepentant wicked farmers. With a loud shout, he ordered the men to kill all those who murdered his son.

The owner then rented his land to others who would listen to him and be blessed. – PSBIBLE News


This parable is taken from Luke 20:9-15. Many people today think that God will not come and judge them for their wickedness. They could go on doing whatever seems good in their own eyes, cheating, murdering, abusing people, thus neglecting the Word of God. Judgement will come as promised by God Himself if they do not repent. Yet God is a Judge full of love who would still wait for people to repent and be saved. He warned everyone in this world to repent and believe in Him through Jesus so that their sins can be washed away.

….. He (God) is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9)

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