Thursday, April 28, 2011


Jesus smiles as he sees a friendlier crowd greeting him. He is glad of some breakthroughs he experienced a few days ago. Yes, he has performed some miracles but what makes him happier is when people believe who he is just by what he says. Like the Samaritans the other day or the famous lawyer, Nicodemus, a step closer in believing him. But when people ask him for signs to prove himself as the Son of God, he will be agitated. Worse still, some just want to watch and wonder and that’s about all. The Messiah is cautious about the hearts of men even though their faces speak of warm welcome.

“Remember, John, about the wine, whew! Excellent wine,” Peter nudges his friend. How could Canans forget that incident, the water changed into wine. Ever since that first miracle, Cana has become a tourist spot for weddings and wine. “Hey, can you not think of wine in noontime?” John elbows his side. “I was thinking about our Master, the miracle working Messiah,” Peter quickly chips in. “I wonder what will be the second miracle he would do here in Cana," he adds.

“Jesus, please heal my little boy, please, please,” the well-dressed man kneels beside the Son of God and holds on to his cloak. The disciples afraid to get near him, knowing that this man is a royal official. The Messiah helps him up and turns towards the crowd, “Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders, you will never believe.” The people’s heads bow in silent embarrassment. They have heard and some had seen of what Jesus did in the temple at Jerusalem. He would not mince his words. Then the cries of desperation punch a hole in the air of silence. “Sir, come down to Capernaum before my child dies,” the highly-positioned man cries unashamedly. His young son is much too precious in comparison to his dignity. The man knows that time is not on his side as travelling to his hometown takes one full day.

“You may go. Your son will live,” Jesus answers his request. Those words resonate deeply in the soul of the desperate man. Jesus is his only hope! “Eh…Master, you mean you don’t need to..,” Peter gestures with his hands, trying to get Jesus’ attention. The question of ‘seeing first then believe’ or vice versa not only needs to be addressed by the masses but also by the disciples of Jesus. The Messiah grins in satisfaction when the man hurries off believing his son will indeed live. “At least one man believed my words without seeing a miracle first,” Jesus thinks to himself.

The man's heart thumps like mad when he takes the ride home in his donkey. The encounter with Jesus has built in him a bed rock of faith. There are some things he sees in the eyes of Jesus, the compassion and the authority. He looks to the heavens and utters a praise, “Thank you God, for sending Jesus to my path.” As he travels a considerable distance, he sees a servant of his on the opposite direction

“My lord, I am so glad I got you!” the servant speaks excitedly, gasping for breath. He explains to his master how his bed-ridden son just got up and asking the mother’s permission to go outside and play. Everyone in the house broke down and cried except the kid. The royal official hugs the servant, both of them in tears. “What time did the boy get up?” he asks. “About one in the afternoon,” the servant remembers vividly. It dawns on him that it was the exact time Jesus spoke those miraculous words. “Let’s go home and I will tell everyone in the house the whole story,” the man speaks enthusiastically.

When Jesus and his disciples finally arrive at Capernaum, news of the healing has been reported far and wide. The man who works in the palace has become the spokesman for the Messiah that one can trust Jesus without seeing a miracle first. That day, the second miraculous sign in Cana leads the man and his household to the Saviour. The wonder of that miracle leads them to worship the true and living God. He would not have imagined how a sickness could lead to salvation for the whole family! Indeed, Jesus deserves all the glory and honour!

(The story above is taken from John 4:43-54).

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