Thursday, April 7, 2011


“I love weddings!” shouts Peter. “I love joyous celebrations!” he continues while the rest of the disciples gobble down some traditional wedding food. “Here, have some wine,” Andrew tries to calm him down. Mary smiles at their playful attitude. “Hey guys, don’t drink too much, it's dangerous!” Jesus raises his hand in a relaxed mood.

An attendant rushes to Mary and abruptly takes her to one side. John tries to listen to what he is whispering about but he cannot make up the words. Jesus turns his face towards his mother. He sees Mary looking at him while the attendant keeps on mumbling.

“What?” Peter blurts, like someone steals that moment of joy from him. Mary goes closer to her son and says, “They have no more wine.” Moans can be heard from some followers of Jesus. She has always believed in Jesus as the Christ. Yes, miracles have not been performed yet by her Messiah son but how she prays that he can just start it off right here. “I know, son, this is just a wedding, nothing spectacularly spiritual,” Mary thinks to herself. Women always have that gentle nature of not wanting to spoil a happy occasion. On this day, to avoid a great embarrassment for the host too! That look of genuine concern of Mary can melt any heart.

“Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come,” Jesus protests gently. But Jesus’ eyes give him away and she knows that he will do it anyway. The disciples may not understand the communication style in this intimate relationship between the mother and the son. “Okay, do whatever he tells you,” Mary speaks boldly to the servants. Do what? Peter and Matthew shake their heads while the rest of them look confused.

Jesus takes charge and the disciples look on curiously. “Fill those jars with water,” he orders the servants. “Master, those were for washing…” Peter gestures to get his attention. The attendants fill each of the six jars with water in obedience, not knowing what they are for. Jesus loves to see servants doing their work in such an obedient manner. I know what I am doing, Peter. This is better than outward wash. This is going to be inward joy! One day, you will understand.

“Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet,” Jesus gives further instructions. While they pour out some water, something has changed. The colour and the smell are surprisingly different. It just doesn’t look like plain water anymore. Their faces tell of awe at what has taken place but Jesus just waves them on. “What?” Peter blurts again, uncomfortable at not knowing what’s happening.

The ceremony head is seen pacing up and down looking for the servants. “Hey, there you are! The guests need more wine.” One servant passes that ‘Jesus water’ to the banquet master and he tastes it. He has drunk all kinds of wine before and when this wine touches his lips, he cannot even believe how exquisite it is. Where does it come from? He reasons in his mind. This is incredible!

He quickly takes the host aside, “My man, the bridegroom, king for the day, everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.” The bridegroom looks puzzled. He takes one sip and he let it slip down his throat slow and steady. “I can rest assure that every guest tonight is so privileged to be invited. Tell me, man! Where did you get that wine from?” the astonished master of the banquet asks. “Honestly I didn’t know anything about it. I leave everything to my relatives and friends to handle my wedding. Ask this woman named Mary,” the bridegroom replies promptly, he himself wants to know.

The lowly servants get the privilege to work for Jesus, the miracle performer! The disciples get the glimpse of what is to come in following the Son of God! The bridegroom gets the honour of providing the best wine ever in a wedding, a talk of the town of Cana for some time to come. The guests get to taste a miracle. Mary gets the satisfaction of her Messiah son doing the first miracle at her bidding. And Jesus Christ gets all the glory!

The above story is taken from John 2:1-11

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  1. which artist drew the picture? :) and great blog!

  2. I am also looking for the source of the picture and it was not easy. It is beautifully drawn - thanks for visiting and your encouragement!