Monday, March 22, 2010


Recently, something happened in Israel that had caused the US to grow weary of its most closest and strategic ally. When Vice President Biden came to Israel trying to revive the Mid-East peace process and to push it forward, Jewish Interior Ministry issued a statement approving of building settlements in East Jerusalem. And everybody knows how that would surely kill off any plan to talk further with the Palestinians. As expected, the Arab world erupted with intense frustration and the Palestinian leaders seethed with extreme anger. What is more damaging to Israel is the stinging rebuke of the US, quite unprecedented and never before as furious as this.

Perhaps, for the very first time, many top dogs in America are directly linking the conflict in the Middle East to the US armies fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. They said the Jewish building settlements and the unresolved conflict of Israel and the Palestinians were endangering those American soldiers.

Uri Avnery, an Israel writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom, even suggested that Israel must learn from its history! How the Zealots who rebelled against the superpower of the day, the Romans, had caused destruction of Jerusalem and the burning down of its temple! He put it as an act of madness! He wrote of the Zealots foolishly relying on God and on the purported weakness of Nero at that time. They also got rid of moderate leaders in order to launch their plan.

The US has been in the forefront as usual trying to solve the delicate peace process in the Middle East but as usual, without much success, or perhaps not any. It has become extremely frustrating and deep lethargy has begun to sink in. For some, it must come a time to do some arm-twisting to succeed and any President of America would know, to succeed in the Middle East is to succeed, period. And what a potential golden opportunity Obama and Clinton being presented as that untimely announcement made in the settlements issue brought. They should understand the intense pressure of Israel will embolden the Hamas and the extremists to attack the Jewish nation. Iran will find another reason to justify itself!

Prime Minister Netanyahu is not any normal nationalistic secular top leader in Israel but a downright spiritual biblical man of God he presented himself to be. The Bible is his motivation. To remove any part of Jerusalem out of his heart is to remove his heart, period. As long as he governs the nation, no one can separate the East or any inch from Jerusalem out of him, not even President Obama. And all who are familiar with the Mid-East conflict will know that Jerusalem is the main contention and the centre of it all. Everyone who is from the Abrahamic faiths wants a piece of Jerusalem! And the Muslims simply adore it and would do anything just to own all of it.

The Bible predicted that a time would come when nations would gather to attack Jerusalem. This is telling because if that is true, there would indeed be an Israel nation which is stubbornly standing firm in Jerusalem to warrant such an attack! This could only happen when the protective hands of the superpower like the US begin to pull away. It could only happen with a Prime Minister who is as spiritual (or as stubborn) as Netanyahu. Perhaps someone even more daring like the Zealots of old. And they would rely on God and His Word!

This time, perhaps the scenario is different as in the days of the Roman Empire. Today, we are in the last days of which the Lord Jesus Christ is preparing to return. Everything is set in place for that to happen! It might not be so easy to burn down Jerusalem like in the days of old! There will come a time where Israel does not depend solely on the United States for money, weapons, military skills and strength. It may even lose their support if Israel continued to be stubborn. Instead, Jerusalem belongs to God and His Son, Jesus Christ who would sit on the throne and rule the whole earth!

That time is coming! Soon!

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