Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Galilee:  Peter, a strong disciple of Jesus was extremely sad. When his Master was cruelly hung on a cross, he ran away from the scene. His mind couldn’t take anymore the anguish of being so helpless. He had already denied Jesus three times when He was put on trial. Moreover, he was thinking real hard about why Jesus as God could have been so easily and humbly captured by mere men. He was confused and frustrated.

Peter and the rest of the disciples of Jesus were shocked when their Master appeared in front of them even though the doors were locked. When Jesus had calmed them down, they were all overjoyed, especially Peter. He had every reason to rejoice because he wanted to turn away from God after failing many times to be a good disciple. Now, his hope had been rekindled once more.

One of Jesus’ disciples named Thomas did not want to believe this extraordinary occurrence unless he could touch Jesus himself. The next day, Jesus appeared to Thomas and asked him to touch His hands. After realising Jesus had indeed risen from the dead, he went down on his knees and worshipped Jesus as his Lord and his God. Jesus forgave his disciples for running away when He needed them to stand by Him at the cross. All of them repented from their cowardice. Peter was the one with most hurt when he saw his Saviour alive again. His heart broke into many pieces when he renounced Jesus. In his mind, he did not want to see Jesus at all. He was too ashamed.

One day Jesus took him aside and forgave him personally. He asked Peter three times whether he still loved Him. This triggered off the memory that he had renounced Jesus three times, too. Peter felt his heavy guilt lifted away from within him. In tears, he understood now that Jesus had known everything about him all along. His nagging question of whether he could still serve and follow Jesus was answered in a remarkable way. Jesus asked him to tend to all His people and to glorify Him. Peter was overjoyed and made a commitment to follow Him all the way even if it meant dying on the cross.

(After having served the Lord for many years, Peter died for his faith in Jesus on a cross hung upside down. He died as a martyr. He was happy to die for His Master as he knew He would take him home to Heaven to live forever!) – PS BIBLE News

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand that He may lift you up in due time. CAST ALL YOUR ANXIETY ON HIM BECAUSE HE CARES FOR YOU - 1 Peter 5:6-7


This story is found in the book of John chapter 20 and 21. It tells us that Jesus is indeed risen from the dead. What does that mean to you? To Jesus’ disciple, it was a hope rekindled after He left them. They were a confused lot when their Master died on the cross. They were so delighted to know that Jesus’ words had come to pass when He said that He would rise again from the dead when they literally saw Him alive again.

What about you? Does Jesus rising from the dead mean anything to you? Absolutely yes! In fact, to you and everyone who lives on the earth. All the other founders of different religions in this world died. Their graves are still here on earth. Jesus is the only Person who claimed that He was God and proved it by rising from the dead. And He really did it! Nobody ever found Jesus’ body and nobody ever will because He is risen. Therefore, Christians are not believing in a dead man’s testimony but words right from the mouth of a living Saviour!

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