Thursday, January 9, 2014


This is a book about doing the most difficult task – to forgive. What I like about Matthew West’s forgiveness is the real life stories of brokenness and despair of being hurt and the laboriously burdensome journey to forgiveness. Although the stories here ended with forgiveness and victory, there are always real incomprehensible struggles within each character. There was always the “why me?” question ringing loudly within. At the end, it was God! The grace of God that always manages to set the pace for healing in all kinds of hurt. And I believe Matthew West in this book shouts, “It is possible!”  Not humanly possible but God-possible! The author’s intention is clear: do not let unforgiveness keep you bound, let forgiveness set you free to your God-given destiny!

Thank you Book Sneeze for the free ebook for the purpose of this review.

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