Thursday, February 21, 2013


One of the best books I have read on finding our identity in Christ. Interspersed with real life stories, the author brought to life the passages of the epistle to the Ephesians. In today’s upside down world of brokenness, the importance to grasp our solid foundation in Christ cannot be taken for granted anymore. Many young people have lost their footing in Christianity and wavering about between what is the philosophy of the world and what is of the Bible. Peer pressures and the unreal world of entertainment have clouded the eyes from seeing what God sees in His sons and daughters. Mark Driscoll’s seriousness of wanting readers to stand upright in this broken world is permeated in every page of this book. The reading of this book must not be rushed. I hope this book can help Christians appreciate the Bible even more as they grasp the full meaning of who we really are in Christ. The title of the book also gets the attention of everyone, both believers and unbelievers. I urge everyone to get hold of this book and praise God for what He has given to us and done in us! I give this book five stars! 

Thank you, Thomas Nelson's Publishers, for providing this ebook for the purpose of this review.

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