Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This is a very different Max Lucado’s book that I have read. Indeed, it is a much needed book in a society which is getting more complex and difficult. The author did the right thing (and a right time too) to come out with a reference sort of a book like this as ‘real’ people are asking real questions more and more today. He did cover wide range of issues that anyone of us are bound to ask from time to time if we are still breathing in this world. So, this book is not primarily for others only or only for those who think that they are the “answerman” or “answerwoman” but for all of us.

I like especially the author’s terse answers for difficult questions on every issue. People who are suffering need precise and pertinent answers from God’s Word. No beating around the bushes. While the questions are often hard and challenging, the answers are comforting, frank and honest.

I believe it has been quite a while for me to have read a questions and answers book and truth be told, it was both enriching and refreshing. And the answers are not only doable but quotable too. Well, I enjoyed it and highly recommend to all who are still breathing now.

I wish to thank BookSneeze program under Thomas Nelson publishers for giving me this free e-book for the purpose of this review. I give this book 5 stars!

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