Tuesday, November 3, 2009


“It’s about time!” Prophet Nahum uttered softly. He was waiting and praying like most inhabitants who were affected directly and indirectly by the extremely brutal Assyrians. Extreme terrorism with nothing short of demonic cruelty was Nineveh’s policy and practices toward any foreigner. Their war strategies would have lions of men shrivelled into scampering mice.

“The Lord is slow to anger and great in power; the Lord will not leave the guilty unpunished,” the man of God cried confidently! Nahum reminisced of the salvation of Nineveh more than a hundred years ago through the prophet Jonah. “How could they forget the mercy of God?” Nahum was upset over the short-memory syndrome of mankind. Obviously the strength and prowess of their military might erased all the humility that once portrayed in their history.

Nahum knew of the mighty fortress of Nineveh’s city walls, surrounded by moat to deter any invading armies. In fact, the Assyrians could have invincibility in their thoughts with so many victories and subjects all across the region, including the destruction of God’s people in the northern kingdom. They might even laugh in scorn of Nahum’s prophecies of troubles brewing in their shore. If only they understood previous prophecies that the nation was just instrument in Yahweh’s mighty hand, they might have a slight chance of redemption. But to God and Nahum, it would be all over!

“With an overwhelming flood, Yahweh will make an end of Nineveh; he will pursue his foes into darkness,” the prophet spoke sternly. “‘I am against you’, declares the Lord Almighty,” he continued, echoing the words of Yahweh. The atrocities that Nineveh committed were not just normal earthly warfare but their stench went right up to the living God! His right hand was raised and this time, he would not send another Jonah. Scores must be settled. Wrongs righted. No moats could stop God from penetrating; no walls could deter God from destroying. Justice would be served, through flood and fire!

Nahum and all the inhabitants breathed a huge relief. “Nothing can heal your wound; your injury is fatal. Everyone who hears the news about you claps his hands at your fall, for who has nor felt your endless cruelty?” the man of God gave his final words to Nineveh.

Judah, the only kingdom left to light up Yahweh’s name got some breathing space after Nineveh’s demise. “Celebrate your festivals, O Judah, and fulfils your vows. No more will the wicked invade you; they will be completely destroyed,” Nahum, his name meant ‘comfort’ encouraged his fellow southerners. The destruction of Assyria was not just a prophecy of relief for them but also a warning of turning against the living God and his covenant.

What would Prophet Nahum say to us if he were still alive today?

1. Don’t treat God’s patience and grace for granted.

2. Build your house upon the Rock (God) because all other grounds are sinking sand.
3. Watch out for signs of pride. Pride comes before a fall!

4. Trust in God even when you see so much of terrorism and wickedness in this world today.

5. Be an encourager today to someone who needs comfort.


  1. He would not send another Jonah.

    The goodness of God is never a reason for presumption upon what He will do.

  2. True indeed! God's thoughts are always higher than our thoughts! Tks Anne for pointing that out!